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Meet Paloma Mami, The Chilean Singer/Songwriter Giving Music A New Sound

After hearing Paloma Mami’s independently produced single ‘Not Steady’ we instantly knew she was going to be a rising star of 2019. Raised in New York and of Chilean decent, Paloma Mami pulls out all the right stops in this track. Not only does she sing the song in English and Spanish, something every bilingual person can relate to, but this song is actually empowering AF.

Paloma Mami sings about how she isn’t ready to settle down and how no one dominates her. She almost catches herself slipping up and falling in love, but merely reminds herself who “the fuck I am.” The song is fun, sassy and honestly exactly what it feels like to be young, free and single. Mixing a dancehall beat with Spanish and a sprinkle of soul - we were instantly sold.

Recently signing with Sony Music Latin, Paloma Mami told Billboard in September she partnered up with producer Luciano Espinoza, “He wrote the first verse and as I listened to it, the words began to flow naturally.”

We can’t wait to hear more from this upcoming artist. For now, we have ‘Not Steady’ on repeat and are easily half of her 4 million streams on Spotify.

And as much as this song and Paloma’s vocals stand alone, we would totally love for Drake to hop on this ASAP. Just saying. Pleaaasssssseeeeee.

Check out the video to ‘Not Steady’ below!

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